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Silver Mirrors
Silver Mirrors
Silver Mirrors

Dover Glass Centre
On reflection we are looking good ; )
Our Ramsgate factory is fully equipped with skilled cutters / Polishing machine and a Washing machine.
We stock 4mm and 6mm Silver mirror- this can be cut and the edges grounded off
we also offer edge polishing all round
A polished edge is applied to all sides of the mirror making it look great but also safer to handle
this also can be processed at our factory within 2 - 3 days.
depending how you wish to fix the mirror to the wall, you may want to frame it (This is provided by yourself).
Use our mirror adhesive - Large full length mirrors like what you see at the gyms can be stuck with our adhesive this can be purchased from our shop / counter
Or we can drill a number of holes in to the mirror from 6mm - 45mm in diameter to fix to your surface.
Various sizes of mirror screws are available with either domed heads or flat heads.
We process many mirrors each day for these companies on a regular basis.
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Spiral Lift Services
We do not sell or supply mirror frames

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