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Casement windows from the legendary matrix 70 VEKA quality system.

There are a wide range of styles and colours available
The range of offset casement handles from Fab n Fix and Defender friction hinges from Securistyle
The Veka Casement window is the number one choice for the homeowner and Ramsgate Glass Centre is your number one choice.

The Tilt & Turn Window

This window can be simply operated to tilt inwards from the top for ventilation with a high degree of security or turned in fully on side hinges for maximum fresh air or easy cleaning. This offers the UPVC window customers the ideal combination of versatility and value and Ramsgate Glass Centre offers you all the quality, price and service. The Tilt & Turn comes with a wide range of finishes of handle from the Fab n Fix Connoisseur range as well as long-lasting, quality mechanisms to keep this classical UPVC window performing for years to come. Furthermore, it is available in all popular colours and wood grain finishes including while foil.

The Vertical Slider

This is the fastest-growing alternative choice of PVC-U window style, giving all the benefits of highly advanced materials and mechanisms combined with a timeless classical window style. Also this product is very popular in certain conservation areas. Homeowners and developers are choosing the Vertical Slider as the ideal UPVC window in classical or heritage settings. The sliding sash styling closely replicates the look of the Regency window with a modern and energy-efficient PVC-U frame and mechanisms. The Vertical Sliding window is available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, with the popular choices of colours and wood grain foil, including the latest white foil, as well as coloured furniture, built around trusted internal mechanisms for trouble-free operation whilst maintaining its traditional looks.

The Fully Reversible Window

This window is the first choice for convenience not only in commercial high-rise refurbishments, but more and more in houses and new-builds. The Fully Reversible window is one of the most popular window styles, with the legendary matrix 70mm profile from VEKA behind it. Fully Reversible windows are extremely versatile and can withstand severe weather conditions. The window allows easy inside cleaning thanks to its innovative design which allows the outer pane to be completely turned back on itself. A full range of styles, finishes and accessories, including wood grains and colours and handles in a range of metal finishes and colours. For extra strength and security, the frames feature galvanised steel reinforcement and espagnolette locking options.

Odd Leg Window

This is available in two frame depths to suit most wall thicknesses, and a variety of designs to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Conforming to the standards required by the park homes manufacturers' regulatory body, windows can be supplied with non locking handles, 90 degree hinges and the appropriate trickle vents in one complete delivery to ensure your park home production schedule runs uninterrupted. Replacing worn and tired looking windows with the choice of various wood-grains and coloured windows in Ivory, Green, Grey or Black. This gives a new lease of life to your caravan or mobile home. The living environment of the caravan and mobile home will also see an improvement by keeping the caravan cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months by using Planitherm.

The Flush Sash authentic Residence 9 windows

Designed to replace the traditional wooden windows no more sanding, painting, splitting and swelling. Your cosy cottage or townhouse can benefit from having these traditional windows. Dramatically making your home more energy efficient and help prevent condensation forming. The Flushsash delivers energy efficient A-rated frames and outstanding weather resistance and performance.
PVC Doors
PVC Doors

Single Residential Doors

There are a wide range of styles and colours available
Ramsgate Glass Centre’s weatherproof and secure single doors are available in low threshold options for convenience and/or disability access. Our PVC-U single doors they can be made to open inwards or outwards. Single doors are available in a wide range of combinations and foil colours. Fully glazed single doors are a popular home improvement option for those wanting to gain easier access to a garden, conservatory, patio or balcony. Modern, stylish and attractive, single doors are virtually maintenance free and come with a range of advanced security features. Single doors are available with alternative beads in sloped or sculptured designs, and doors can be internally beaded.

Traditional French Double Doors

Give a more classical appearance than sliding patio doors, they also open fully out to the width of space available. Weatherproof and secure French doors are also available in low threshold options for convenience and/or disability access. As with most French doors, they can be made to open inwards or outwards where space permits. Veka French doors are available in a wide range of combinations and foil colours. Double patio doors are also available with the option of inward or outward opening, and can be designed as a single or double door, along with sidelight and fanlight combinations. French doors are fitted with all the latest security features, including hook locks by Maco. Furniture by Fab n Fix is co-ordinated for a match between handles, letterbox and any adjoining casement handles. Energy efficient glazing and technically advanced weather seals mean that our French double doors will minimise heat loss and keep the worst of the weather at bay.

Composite Front Door

We are pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive and highly regarded composite door ranges available today, with a whole array of styles and glazing options to customers a residential composite door to suit every home. We offer a wide range of furniture options and colours, including stainless steel and a high security door lock. The lock offers lever / lever or lever pad operation, which can also be used with a split spindle lever / lever to give the same operation as a lever pad but has greater leverage. The optional secondary deadlock also allows the reassurance of security by the simple action of a thumb turn throw a deadlock and for the ultimate in security there is also the automatic locking door that only needs to be closed for the security hooks and dead bolt to throw.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors usually feature a fixed pane and a large sliding panel which opens to leave half of the total area open. However, there are other styles that are possible such as 4-pane designs where the outer 2 panes are fixed and the centre 2 panes slide back to cover them, leaving a large open space in the centre. Also known as an In-line Sliding Patio Doors.
In-line Sliding Patio Doors allow maximum light into your home and bring a sense of space. Our Patio Doors are available in a wide choice of colours and woodgrains and are available with a mid-rail to allow for a letter plate - popular for use in porch applications. For more information please feel free to call us or email us your enquiry

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